The FORD P703 Project



Contract Value: R340 852 608
Client: Ford South Africa (Pty) Ltd, VIKO Consulting
Country: South Africa
Location: Silverton Assembly Plant

Mechanical Engineering
Fire Engineering
Electrical Engineering

The client’s requirement was to supply the new Press shop and Body shop with a total of 670 m3/h of cooling water.

This newly installed cooling water plant at Ford Silverton consists of six hybrid cooling towers supplying chilled water at 30°C to the new Press shop and Body shop buildings. The pump station is broken down into two smaller pump stations, one for the Body shop and one for the Press shop, with three pumps each to ensure maximum redundancy in the event of an breakdown. The system supplies 450 m3/h of chilled water to the Body shop and 220 m3/h chilled water to the Press shop.

The chilled water supply is pumped from the plantroom to various locations within the two new buildings. Take-off valves are situated on the chilled water supply branches every 15 meters for the connection of the line-builder machinery and equipment. Parallel to the chilled water supply pipeline is the return water pipeline with connection valves adjacent to the supply connection valves. This return water is routed back to the cooling towers where it is re-cooled to the design temperature of 30°C. The cooling towers, pumps and various flow and pressure meters are connected to a Building Monitoring System (BMS) to monitor the water supply and return flow rates, temperatures, and pressures.

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