National Data Centre Bofinet



Contract Value: R 95 444 921
Client: Gabanna Architects
Country: Botswana
Location: Zambezi Towers, Plot 54352, West Ave, New CBD

Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Wet Services

Design and project management services on construction for a national data centre in Gabarone.
Botswana Fiber Networks (BofiNet)

Detailed design of a Tier III. Data center, certification through Up Time Institute inclusive of a fuel tank design. Back-up power (Generator and UPS).
Power reticulation to site with ring main unit (RMU) transformers etc.
Mechanical include lifts.
Detailed design of all critical sub system of a 200 rack. Data Center to comply to Uptime Tier III data center standards. This includes HVAC, Power and Wet Services