DSP has long recognised the potential in sun power. Whether it is Solar Thermal (water) or Solar Photovoltaic (power).

By harnessing the energy that the sun produce, we reduce our reliance solar_diagramon energy from foreign and non-renewable sources. Remember the source of energy is natural and renewable therefore it will not run out nor be depleted. Every installation of solar power reduce the carbon footprint immediately and help with preserving our planet and assist with the fight against global warming.

Solar technology has been around for decades and most people understand the basics of it, but the specific benefits of solar remains widely misunderstood, misrepresented and mostly unknown.

We started off with Solar Thermal to change all hot water to a Solar Thermal system with two geysers running 100% on heating obtained from the sun. During the last 12 months a total of 5 days where run on duel sun and element. Measurement of water temperature from early in the morning to late in the afternoon varies from 75°C to 82°C. At some stages the pipe system had to be replaced to be able to carry the heat.

Seven years ago DSP started off with research in Solar Photovoltaic systems to keep in line with the demand in sourcing more affordable, stable and greener alternatives to power homes and industry alike.

The cost of solar installations is intimidating at first glance and most people to not realise that most solar systems can be installed and developed in stages. As long as proper planning and design of the short and long term requirements is done, one could achieve an efficient system for relative good value.

We started off with a 2kW system and expanded to a 5kW system.This gives us the capacity to run independently from the grid in our entire office with all equipment except air conditioning.


Getting Panels on the roof
Inspection of New Panels   Careful guys  Up it goes
Next one Putting it in place   Job well done !

Solar power is not the cure for all energy woes but we see it as valuable technology that will become increasingly competitive with traditional sources of energy.