Rainwater Harvesting

In 2014 DSP started with a project to harvest rainwater to use for the irrigation of the gardens at the offices.  After much research and investigations, the tank went into the ground during winter to be ready for the next rain season.

 DSP_Tank1  DSP_Tank2  DSP_Tank9DSP_Tank3
Digging a hole for a 4800lt tank proved to be more challenging than anticipated. The tank was delivered to be assembled on site. A well deserved rest after assembly was completed
 DSP_Tank4  DSP_Tank5  DSP_Tank8
The tank was eased into the ground bit for bit. Because of the space restrictions the tank needed to be guided in. Nearly there …
 DSP_Tank6  DSP_Tank9  DSP_tank7
        Tank undamaged level.             Plugging the hole.           The finished area.